We provide solutions that are designed to solve last mile problems in payment and logistics industries for financial inclusions.

Payment and logistics

In face-to-face payment, the exchange of physical goods and cash takes place simultaneously and with finality at the same physical location. However, non face-to-face payment of physical goods carries some element of risks to buyer, seller and in some cases, the financer. Our solutions are designed to ensure that secured delivery of physical goods results in simultaneous payment thereby safeguarding the interests of all parties.

Just-In-Time Payment (JIP) can facilitate the simultaneous transfer of funds and the ownership of physical goods in real-time for business-to-business customers. For instance, when a delivery leaves a factory, payment is assured and will arrive in supplier account immediately at the time of acceptance. Buyer can be assured that payments are only paid on condition that transportation of goods is secured and tamper-proof during the journey.

Electronic Cash-On-Delivery (e-COD) is InfoCorp’s solution that can facilitate a new form of payment collection service in retail and logistics industry. This is especially applicable in developing countries where typically more than 80% of online purchases are done through COD, cashflow is a great impact to merchants that relies on logistics companies for collection of cash while delivering physical goods to customers.

Tap-And-Carry (TAC) is a new form of payment option that can be made available for retail customers to pay directly to physical merchandise without the need for point-of-sale devices.